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Esemplareunico presents the new “My Office” line by Argo, that is a rich collection of accessories  designed to furnish a work environment where practicality can coexist with refinement, style, creating a warm and enveloping atmosphere.

The common thread that always inspires Esemplareunico is the personalization of its world with refined and functional objects that intend to follow the needs of the person, with an eye for style.


Argo, it’s a project with a classic-contemporary style, is enriched with three new color worlds: pink-gray, blue-tobacco and blue-rope, specially designed to give a touch of color in harmony with one’s personality and taste.

The co-ordinates of the collection match and mix with games of materials and colors.

Each color world combines different patterns and materials: from printed papers and canvases, through precious fabrics, to the lacquered woods and woods, all finished with elegant leather elements or metallic details.


The collection contains different products, each one is studied and thought down to the smallest details in order to create a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.

It starts with a set of folders and ring binders, in different formats, combined with wooden boxes, or covered with elegant papers and canvases; they are just an examples of accessories designed to accompany and customize the space.

For those who want to always have their documents with them, Esemplareunico offers refined planners and briefcases, embellished with refined details.


To give a touch of class to your work or reflection, Argo is enriched with an exclusive set of lacquered wooden trays and pencil holders in precious woods.

Unique objects, elegant, refined and at the same time discrete and delicate.

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