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I Quaderni del Pavone


A symbol of transformation,
rebirth and beauty that goes beyond the time,
for a collection of exclusive notebooks,
made by Esemplare Unico in a limited edition,
with precious materials,
passionate dexterity
and creativity of the author.


Esemplareunico offers refined planners and briefcases, embellished with refined details.

To give a touch of class to your work or reflection, Argo is enriched with an exclusive set of lacquered wooden trays and pencil holders in precious woods.

Unique objects, elegant, refined and at the same time discrete and delicate.

“I am persuaded that if the peacock could speak, he would boast of his soul,
and would affirm that it inhabited his magnificent tail”

2 EU Quaderno
2 EU Quaderno
3 EU Quaderno
4 EU Quaderno
5 EU Quaderno

This thought of Lord Chesterfield, an eighteenth-century man of society and letters, could have been written on one of these notebooks, along with countless other notes and reflections.

Because the  “peacock  notebooks “are born to follow us in the best moments of our life, like the notebooks of a traveller in the universe of beauty, excellence and tailoring.

Precious complements from the desk, or prestigious accessories for different location usable in the most exclusive situations.

Top range papers of the best international brands, fine fabrics, special printing techniques, Italian hand-made bookbinding.

Three colour variations for the covers, with a design that generates many games of shapes, decorations and colours : like the iridescent peacock feathers, symbol of the creations of Esemplare Unico

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