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Esemplareunico is based in Brianza, an area where the artisan heritage has made and continues to make history in the world of furniture andfurnishing accessories. This happens in Cantù, where teaching of artisanal work is strictly combined with care for planning and design. Our roots are deeply planted in this culture, a world that Esemplareunico wants to keep alive and enhance.

Elegant but moderate, Esemplareunico brand creations are unique, refined, sought-after in materials, shapes and colors study. We can find trunkswalletsboxesbinders and folders: examples of hand-crafted solutions made with dedication and a specific study of every single product, in order to drive towards a unique visual and tactile experience.

The myth of peacock

Powerful and herald of beauty it was, according to the Ancient Greeks, the torment of Hera, queen of gods, which was heartbroken for the death of Argus, her devotee keeper with one-hundred eyes. The giant fell due to the shrewdness of gods messenger Hermes, that prowessfully and deceitfully sang and played the harmonious melody that was fatal to Olympus sovereign guardian. Angered and sorrowful, Hera took Argus eyes and, in order to honor his sacrifice and loyalty, put them on the tail of her sacred animal: the peacock, beauty and regality, splendor and immortality symbol.


Certified authenticity

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